Terms and conditions

General terms

The terms and conditions of using the webpage https://smart-hr.org (further named as ”Terms and Conditions”) set up the conditions that any person may visit or access the site https://smart-hr.org (further named as ”Site” and / or ”SMART-HR.ORG”), or may use in any way SMART HR services offered by means of the site (further names as ”SMART HR Services”) and it is a convention entered into Smart HR S.R.L. (further named as “SMART-HR.ORG”), as the owner and administrator of the Site and SMART HR.ORG Services provider and any person who visits or accesses the Site or who want to use in any way or who effectively uses SMART-HR.ORG Services (further names as ”User”). Failure to accept these Terms and Conditions and any other provisions of them, compels that person to immediately cease Site accessing and further accessing or visiting the Site, of any page of it and / or SMART-HR.ORG Services, as well as of any component of it, constitutes total and unconditioned acceptance of Terms and Conditions and of any provisions of them.

Materials and data available by means of the Site

Site content and graphic elements of it, including and without limiting to them, all text format content, as well as the technical sources of all services and present and future facilities, excepting the case when another owner is expressly mentioned, the page sources but also any other material sent in any format by and to the Users (by direct visualization on Site etc.), belong to SMART-HR.ORG and to its partners and represent Site content.

Site content, independently of the area where it is on site and independently of the type, may be used exclusively for personal purposes. Any content use by third parties in other purposes than the personal ones, may be done only with written, expressly and previously agreement of SMART-HR.ORG.

As such it is forbidden copying, taking over, reproduction, publishing, sending, selling, partial, total distribution or modifying the content of this site or of any part of it made in other purposes than the personal one, with the following exceptions:

  • • It is allowed the reproduction (on non-commercial sites, forums, mass-media articles etc.) of small fragments from the published articles (maximum 2 paragraphs). Mentioning the source of data taken over is mandatorily as follows: (Source: SMART HR S.R.L. – https://smart-hr.org)
  • • Links to the Site are allowed, and mentioning data source is to be done after each link or at the end of the article as follows: ”Data provided courtesy of SMART HR S.R.L.”.

SMART-HR.ORG reserves the right to file legal action against any person and / or entity which breaks in any way the aforementioned provisions.

The applications to use site content for any purposes than the personal ones may be submitted at the following address: str. Cernavodă nr. 5-9, Cluj-Napoca, jud. Cluj, with the note: “În atenția – In attn. SMART-HR.ORG, or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address.

Any person sending by any means data or materials to the site is held liable as to not harm in any way the copyrights a third person may claim concerning the materials and data submitted in any way to this site and the persons who submit in any way data or materials understand and accept that breaking in any way with this obligation may not result in any way SMART-HR.ORG liability, but only the concerned persons’ liability.

Liability limitation

SMART-HR.ORG shall not be held liable and does not implicitly or expressly offering guarantees for the contents on the Site, the contents offered by its partners or Site’s Users. SMART-HR.ORG shall do all reasonable efforts to ensure Site accuracy and trustworthiness and shall try to correct as soon as possible the errors and omissions.

Nevertheless, SMART-HR.ORG shall not be held liable for discrepancies, errors or omissions of the data provided by the Users. Site Users expressly agree to hold free of liability SMART-HR.ORG against any legal or extrajudicial action as result of Site incorrect or fraudulent use.

In force majeure situation, SMART-HR.ORG and / or its operators, managers, employees, branches, offices and representatives, are exempted of all liability. The force majeure cases include, without limiting to it, errors of operation of SMART-HR.ORG technical equipment, Internet connection failure, telephone connection failure, information viruses, unauthorized access to Site’s systems, operation errors, strikes etc.

The users agree to protect and guarantee SMART-HR.ORG and / or its operators, managers, employees, branches, offices and its representatives against any requests, claims, actions, demands, losses, damages, costs (including, without any limitation, legal fees), expenses, trials, decisions, fines, adjustments or other obligations resulting or related with any other action of the User in connection to SMART-HR.ORG service use or with any other aspect related to SMART-HR.ORG Services.

Information note on personal data processing

By using the services put at disposal by this site you expressly agree SMART-HR.ORG to process, store and communicate the personal data delivered by you.

Terms and Conditions amendment

SMART-HR.ORG has the right to amend anytime and by any means, any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions or the Terms and Conditions in whole, without previous notice and without complying with any other action concerning the Users. Any amendment is fully and unconditionally accepted by Site’s Users by simple use or accessing of any facilities offered by the Site, as occurred anytime after amendment operation and failure to accept any amendment means the obligation of that User to immediately cease Site accessing and / or use in any way of SMART-HR.ORG services.

Applicable law. Legal disputes

Site Users’ rights and obligations and of SMART-HR.ORG as provided by Terms and Conditions as well as all legal effects the Terms and Conditions create, shall be interpreted and governed pursuant the in force Romanian legislation. Any legal dispute arising from or in connection with the Terms and Conditions shall be solved amiably. If it is impossible to reach an agreement, the legal dispute shall be solved by the competent Court in Cluj-Napoca city.